Flip-flops to church.

“Alex’s attempt of wearing flip-flips to church was nipped in the bud with Uncle Bruce’s astringent “absolutely not.” I didn’t get what the big deal was; flip-flops in Florida rank higher than a tie anyway.” –Jenna Gunner

My character Jenna makes an astute remark about flip-flops which, I think, only Floridians truly get. For my family from up North, it seemed weird I wore flip-flops even in the winter time. In the snow. I got yelled at so many times by my Aunt. But for us, wearing flip-flops in snow, rain, hail or even to church was almost mandatory- sometimes I even chose my best pair to show off. Needless to say my buddies from Europe were shocked too. It was almost a crime to wear flip-flops all the time but for them it was for different reasons- mostly how unhealthy they are for your feet etc. 

This Sunday I’m wearing them again to church. Do you think it is inappropriate or is it a Florida thing? 😀

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