French don’t eat snails anymore

“I can’t tell you what to do. If you want to go, you can go. I think you’re a little crazy, and foolish. I don’t know why you want to go there; French are lazy people who can’t finish a war. You’ll have frog legs for breakfast and snails for dinner…”– Albert Gunner

We (Americans) are familiar with many clichés and stereotypes about the French; we think they eat baguettes all the time, women don’t shave their armpits, everyone smokes etc.... In my book, I describe French lifestyle a lot… because I think the existing stereotypes don’t describe modern France so well anymore.

Here are a few facts:

  • Most French people really don’t care about Paris. It’s Paris vs. everyone else. Parisians dislike people from other regions, and other regions dislike the snotty Parisians. In recent years, Paris has become highly commercialized and living there is ridiculously expensive. French don’t consider Eiffel Tower sticking out of every corner is a symbol.
  • Some still hang up their clothing and let it dry in the wind (remember Americans, time before washer-dryers?)…
  • Or the emerging African/Middle-Eastern culture and the influence of their cuisine, lifestyle? I can’t tell you how many times we had a late night kebab (a typical Turkish meal).

The posh days of eating snails are out. French nowadays eat kebabs on the street and watch synchronized American movies. And they love fries and McDonald’s no matter how “unhealthy” it is for you.

Do you, my readers, agree with me? Can you add more “stereotypes” about France from your own personal travels?

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  1. I am French !
    And i can assure you that the French people always eats baguettes, croissants and pains au chocolat. Most of the people let dry their clothing in the wind.
    We all think that the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France. I’ve never eat kebab !
    If you have other questions about France i will be very very happy to answer you :).
    Xoxo 🙂
    Follow me :


    1. Thank your for commenting. With this blog, I meant to highlight the changes that have happened in the last few decades….and I like eye-catching titles 😉 Of course French people still eat baguettes, and pain au laits etc….but the habits are changing, and there are new traditions coming in. Each part of France is affected and I lived in France long enough to experience the changes.

      The influx of immigrants from Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal etc. (According to INSEE, roughly 7 million people in France are immigrants- 10% of the population)… they bring so much variety to the French food, and they are creating a new definition of what France is. You blog about food- I just can’t phantom how you never had a kebab? Did you ever try falafel? Or merguez-frite? Try them, they are delicious! 


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