Weekend is the new vacation

“What about you? How have you been? How long are you staying?” “Same as last year, about two weeks,” I answered.-  Jenna Gunner

As Americans, we don’t often get the short end of the stick… but when I look at my vacations days, I can’t help but feel envious. Damn Europeans. As I hope for maybe two weeks (including weekends!), there is an Italian out there with 42 days of vacation, a Frenchman with 37 days and a German with 35 days…. and I get 13 days? When did we allow this to happen?

Do you know what happens in Europe in the summertime? Companies shut down. People are gone for a month and little work gets done in July and August. But guess what? Everybody comes back happy and rested.  Sadly, for Americans a weekend is a vacation these days, and quite frankly that is horrendously bothersome.

How many vacation days do you get? Do you think Europeans have too much time off?


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  1. The vacation is one of the things I loved about moving to Stockholm–behind the maternity leave, of course (480 days). I work from home, but my husband gets six weeks off. You’re also right that most places close, which is kind of a pain in the neck. I’ve needed medical tests done and I have to wait until everyone comes back. But…I remember my newspaper days in the states. Ten days vacation/sick time, which meant if I took a sick day, I was stealing from my vacation! I don’t think Europeans have too much, I think Americans have too little.


    1. Hi! I definitely agree that Americans have to little vacation, but I am not sure there is a way to change that. Americans love to “live to work” whereas in Europe it is more “you work to live”…..
      I’ve never been to Sweden but like you said…. a husband getting maternity leave for six weeks?! How can you beat that? That’s incredible!


      1. Not everyone gets 8 weeks off here. The legal minimum is 4 weeks though. And sick days are just that – sick days, they’re not deducted from your holiday allowance.


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