What Germans really love the most

It’s not beer. It’s not wurst with sauerkraut either. Nope, it’s not fancy cars or wearing lederhosen on a Sunday.

I think anyone who’s ever been on a road in Germany will agree that Germans, above all, love STAU. What is Stau, you ask? Stay is a German word for traffic jam. Traffic congestion, if you will. But this is not the rush hour kind. No, this Stau is a result of Germans unanimously going on holidays. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, they are always on holidays (apparently the minimum is 3 weeks. Minimum!)

I’ve had my share of traffic jams in Orlando and Atlanta, but the Stau in Germany deserves a separate mentioning. They wait in lines for kilometers upon kilometers, not seeming to care. Some read a book while waiting, some walk around and get a smoke (can you ever see that happen in the U.S.?), and some take their kids for a number one in the nearby grass. Some stretch, do a little yoga right on the side of the road or listen to the music like they are already on the beach, relaxing.

It’s simply incredible… and they must love it. Because I have never seen as much Stau as I did in Germany. I have never seen people more relaxed and willing to wait in 20 kilometer lines in their Audis and family vans just to go vacation in Croatia, or Italy. I think they don’t even like vacation, they do it for the traffic jam and the amazing stories they can tell about the Stau they were in.

Did anybody else have the same experience? Like, share and comment, please. Let me hear your thoughts! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!
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