Dante Alighieri forgot that hell is in “waiting”

As I wait for important news to shake up my life, I wait in agony. Gosh, the waiting! There’s nothing worse than aimless standing by; I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I feel sick. My writing is even worse than usual.

Old Egyptian’s described lake of fire and iron walls as the ultimate hell. More familiar, Alighieri’s description starts with inferno, where people have to “chase after their self-interest while being followed by a swarm of insects and infected by maggots.” Sounds bad, but none of that compares to the mental hell one goes through when waiting.

“It’s like my insides are being murdered,” my friend said once. And it’s true. Waiting is slowly tearing apart your insides. Please, I’ll take the weird maggots, just tell me the news already!

Have you ever felt like I do right now? How did you handle it? Tell me, leave a comment, I want to know.

P.S: Thanks for reading my blog! I also did another re-edit of my book on Amazon, I always listen to reader’s thoughts! Check it out! 😀

P.S.2: Here’s the link to the different hell descriptions. Interesting read!

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