Two new cars and a divorce, please!

Recently I came across an interesting read from 1998. So, not too long ago, but I guess “historic enough.” It was a wonderfully written chapter summary on a book called “The Overspent American” (link here).

The part that got me was the shift in values of Americans. Almost twenty years ago, same things defined the “good life” as they do today. Americans want material good and luxuries. Americans want swimming pools, new cars, mountain cabins, five TV’s in the bathroom, trips to Europe, a job that pays more than they deserve…. Our kids have to have Apple phones, motorcycles and tattoos…

We raised them. We influenced them. We showed them we don’t value happy marriages, reliable friendships, or interesting jobs. No, we showed them that true value hides in material….which is probably why I have a friend who is divorcing his wife of three years- she wanted to make more money, have a better house and spend more. He wanted to buy motorcycles and cars. Forget the eight years they spent together, they should divorce because their material greed isn’t compatible anymore and it is just not going in the same direction. I mean, come on??

You may say, hey, they’re just a bad example. I wish I could say I do not know people who are buying a big screen TV but their kids live in a shitty house with cockroaches occasionally strolling by because a big screen TV is their priority. I wish I could say I don’t know people who whine about being broke but buy $2,000 worth of furniture and eat Ramen noodles for weeks.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…. I just don’t get it. Do you?

P.S: Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, disliking… 🙂

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  1. I fully agree with you there, I personally know people who lived in tinny house with five dogs and he drove around one the most expensive cars and then seeing people who regardless of how much money they have, how well they dress, well they still the same nasty mentality.
    Having to change your values is hard step and as adult I would imagine for some this people nearly impossible, as so they choce so break mirrages, families and even love over it

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