Should Columbus be celebrated?

Ah, another day off. God bless Columbus! A truly innovative guy, an entrepreneur in a sense, seeking funding from the royal king and queen to discover new continents! According to a famous German entrepreneur, an entrepreneur revolutionizes, changes things. And, wow, did Columbus change our world!
“Yeah, but he also supported slave ownership,” David has to add to my idealistic view of Columbus. “Even the kings told him to stop it but he didn’t. He was a bad guy,” David dismissed me. Columbus a bad guy? Then why is this his day? Why are we celebrating him?
Slave supporter or not, times were different. Of course I am not justifying what he did, but let me remind you of a long, long list of men who mistreated women for centuries and we still celebrate them, and their achievements.

Should this day be changed to something else? (Btw, here is where you answer the little poll I created) and more importantly, share your thoughts with me. Enjoy your day off! 🙂

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