Free book, anyone?

Writing is rewarding, and fun. Sending your book out to publishing houses and getting automated ‘not interested’ responses back… not so much. Selling a book as a self-published author on Amazon….quite frightening. Your book is lost among thousands of other books and no one seems to know of it. But that’s ok, Rome wasn’t built in a day and a best-seller never happens over night, well, selling in general does not either.

So, this Saturday, I am giving away my book for FREE on Amazon (normally is priced at the lowest price you can give a book on Amazon, $2.99- less than price of Starbucks coffee).

Those that are interested in a travel, romance novel taking place in Strasbourg, France, get a copy here. It has romance, it has adventure, and love. I am a sucker for love and I like to write about it as it brings this world together.


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