Kids, Kitchen, Church- The German Woman

Angela Merkel…the symbol of Germany. The new Iron lady. The unstoppable force behind the EU machinery. A symbol of a woman in a powerful position? More like an isolated woman on the throne of a male dominated sector. Childless, too, of course.

Germany’s economy is undoubtedly doing the best among the EU countries. Unemployment in Germany is 5.1 %, a great achievement compared to Spain’s 25.1%. But who is running the German economy? Most certainly not women… and the worst numbers are found for women with children. Their kindergartens and schools only have programs until 12pm and then mothers are supposed to pick up their kids. A lot of women in Germany, once they have kids, take on part time jobs or none at all. They put their careers aside and never work again…which is a choice everyone makes, but shouldn’t those women at least have the option of putting their children to school until 4pm and perhaps pursue a career? Things are changing, but too slow.

In America, is the opposite. You can put your child in daycare until 4pm but cough up the money. A lot of women can’t afford to put their children in daycare and end up staying at home.

So which is worse? Not having the opportunity because of the mindset of people and traditional roles, or because you can’t afford it?

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