Dinners on plastic plates

The first time I was ever almost stoned to death because I brought plastic plates for dinner was during my first dinner in France. Growing up, my mother stored all the fancy china Grandma inherited in a special cabinet, while she made all of us use plastic plates. I did not think anything of it- Mom did not have a dish washer and -therefore-logical thinking- we used plastic plates so she did not have to clean the dishes after.

And then I came to France. Study abroad and all, with people from all over the world (which btw, my book on the study abroad is available on Amazon). Anyway, we were almost like representatives from the United Nations or something, gathered behind a tiny table. Trying to be helpful, I brought plastic plates, plastic cups and plastic silverware to eat with. It was not cheap either, so I really thought I was doing everyone a favor. Well, I guessed wrong. Needless to say, most attacks came from the Germans and the nature-loving Scandinavians. I think I had to listen to “how wasteful” Americans are through the whole dinner. I never felt so judged. Is it really so wrong to use plastic plates? Isn’t using a dish washers equally wasteful? Why I am such a horrible person?

The type of treatment I received was more than brutal. Even the Canadians loved to bash my wastefulness and hatefulness for nature. But I did not care- all I kept thinking was my Mom, and how many nights those plastic plates saved her from being the dishwasher. Instead of cleaning the dishes for half hour, she was able to sit down, relax and talk to her kids. That’s worth something too, right?

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  1. I remember my mother teaching us that plastic stuff was for the poor and lazy

    As grew up into an adult I coudn’t help but whenever see plastic cups I would think of that, then one day over at stay at friend house there was nothing but plastic cups and plates. I was about to say something when saw there father had motor problems and he would drope the plates, I felt horrible about judging and stop at once, sense today I try not to judge others be there silverwear or plastic wear


    1. Perhaps it does have to do something with laziness (convenience of not having to do the dishes and at the same time- not being able to afford a dishwasher maybe) but like you said, Bunnet, it is definitely not something we should judge people by.

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      1. It so hard because we are wire to judge others and say, oh I never do that, or may look at her.
        When reality we should be more understanding of each other

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