Don’t give up- your child can become bilingual!

One of the few memories I have of my Grandma, ma belle Grandma, were her attempts of trying to teach me French as a young child. Our family has some decades-ago French roots and she knew “intermediate French” from conversing with her Grandparents. There are many cognitive advantages for a child who is bilingual and by God, my Grandma was going to pass these advantages onto me.

As a child, I resisted. Fought against. Cried. Even just learning how to count in French was a crazy nightmare! Unknown sounds that were impossible to say, nose bleeds from all the nasal sounds (haha, just kidding). You get the drift though. She tried her best but I was just too stubborn to learn. I gave her the satisfaction of learning “un, deux, trois” and “je m’appelle” but anything more than that was a hopeless cause.

She tried, my poor old Grandma, but she just didn’t have the tools to teach me. No books, no entertaining visuals. Nothing. Just her and her tiny jazz hands. But now, in this beautiful world of internet, anyone can learn a language. Book market is flooded with language experts or language lovers as I call them. The main thing for any parent is not to give up. Particularly when you don’t have family members who speak another language. Why don’t you learn a language with your child? Start with new words… the grammar takes a while to learn anyhow, but if you give them the foundation/the vocabulary… it makes it so much easier!

P.S: In case anyone is interested, I wrote a children’s book in English for beginners and little ones who are just mastering their first English words available on Amazon. It is currently in process of being translated to French, German and Croatian. Give it a look and let me know what you think! Thank you for reading my blog, and leave some comments on teaching a second language to a child below 🙂

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  1. Hi there! Great post! Raising bilingual kids is one of the most challenging things a parent can do, but the benefits and rewards are many. I absolutely agree that even monolingual parents can raise bilingual children – if the motivation and opportunity is there. I believe this can be a great opportunity for families to learn additional languages together and spark their interest in our beautiful multilingual and multicultural world!

    I am a non-native Spanish speaker (and language lover!) embarking on the journey of raising my 2 year old son bilingually. It is a challenge, but I am always searching out ways to reinforce the target language with h him because he doesn’t have any other Spanish-speaking relatives other than mami! I am new to blogging, but just posted an excerpt from Barbara Zurer Pearson’s book “Raising a Bilingual Child.” I am finding it to be an extremely valuable resource on the topic. Feel free to check out my blog in the future for more information, thoughts and experiences on raising children to be bilingual, mindful and socially conscious! All the best, Hope

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    1. Hi, Hope! Thank you for your compliment 🙂 I definitely will check out your blog, I am glad you are trying to embark on the journey of raising your son bilingually. Don’t give up as he will be grateful when he is older, no doubt about it!


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