Can an author sell books at all without harassing friends/family for likes or paying for promo?

It’s been a year and I have not sold a single book yet. I’ve had free promotions on Amazon and people have read them. You see, when I started out I decided I was not going to harass my friends to like my Facebook page or have them write reviews for me on Amazon. I wanted to do it clean. I wasn’t going to pay for ads to get my book out there. So many online blogs recommend having a blog to get readers, make sure you format the book right and have it proofread…. and you’re set.

When I got my first and only review, I cried. It was positive, but apparently they still found mistakes. I ran proofreading program more than a dozen times and mistakes still happen. I’ve been editing the book to make it better.

When I came out with children’s books and had free promotions I asked for reviews (good or bad) but there has not been any feedback. It is so hard to not feel like my books are just a needle in the Amazon hay.

I guess what my question to those successful authors out there is (assuming my books don’t suck) is what else do they recommend doing? Or should I cough up the money for promotions?


  1. I sympathise! I publish on Kindle and I try to promote my work through my blog, and on my Facebook page… but I’ve come to the conclusion that in the end it is just luck… to be read by the right person at the right moment! I just keep writing, and write the best I can – and enjoy that… any sales or reviews or praise is collateral! Good luck! Don’t loose heart! Keep writing!

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  2. SJ Scott says the only way is to build a mailing list by offering free stuff all the way thru your books and blogs. I get sales thru acx audible when the person producing my audiobook promotes to their friends too ;). It’s just too competitive, even with a library of over 110 books/40 audiobooks like I have.


      1. Free ebooks, audiobooks etc. gives you 25 free audio codes when you work with a producer to record your book in audio format.


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