Customer to the hairstylist: “Honestly, I hate the new haircut”

Tulsa, OK- More than half of Americans get their hair cut at least four times a year, with women spending nearly $120 per visit, while men spend, on average, roughly $40. However, despite the high costs, 90% of the customers do not give an honest feedback about their satisfaction- 56% of those customers do not want to hurt the hairstylists feelings, while 33% are too shy to stand up for themselves. That, however, was not the case with Linda, 32, a mother of three, who got her hair cut last Thursday.

“I didn’t want a drastic change, really,” started out Linda, who decided to get her hair cut at the small, family-run salon. “I just wanted my ends trimmed a bit and maybe some highlights, like that was it. I told my hairstylist what I wanted, I even showed her a picture… I thought she knew what I wanted.”

According to Linda, after an hour of friendly talking, scalp massage and Ryan Gossling gossip, cutting and windy hair blowing, Fay, Linda’s hairstylist was finally done with her work. When Linda saw herself in the mirror, she immediately hated what she saw. “Is this ok?” Fay asked Linda, as she was holding a mirror behind Linda’s back to get a better visual. Linda, who says she was “always told to tell her truth” was now facing a moral dilemma. To lie, or not to lie? But her sense of honesty and constructive feedback came over. “I told her: Honestly, Fay, I hate the new haircut.” Fay looked puzzled and her eye started twitching, recounts Linda. “You cut off way too much hair, not just the ends, and the color tone doesn’t look like the one I showed you on the picture.”

Once the truth was out, Fay tried to fix Linda’s dissatisfaction. “I’ve never had a customer complain,” said Fay, “so that was truly a unique experience. Of course, I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but a customer was unhappy so I pretended like I see the problem. Ultimately, we “fixed” it and I am guessing she is never coming back to my salon.”



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