Petra Stunt gets lost in her own home

Los Angeles, CA- Most people never have the opportunity to see, let alone live in a mansion spreading across 56,500 square-feet. Petra Stunt, the daughter of Formula One racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, however, is the exception.

Her mansions, “The Manor”, located in the Holmby Hills of Los Angeles has 123 rooms along with a swimming pool, tennis court, skating rink, and a bowling alley- to only name a few amenities. Despite the fact Petra has the access to all these room and amenities does not necessarily mean she knows where they all are. She purchased the home in 2011 but she is still having some trouble navigating it.

Our sources claim that she called her father, Bernie and Aaron Spelling’s wife Candy last Thursday desperately trying to find the way out to the main entrance. “It was rather embarrassing,” our source claims. “She was lost in one of the countless bedroom and had no idea how to get even to the skating rink. Apparently her dad Bernie decided to hire a few guys to create an app for her so emergency phone calls to Candy Spelling can be avoided.”

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