Month: December 2015

What is home?

Many say home is tangible; it is an actual space one can walk through. It consists of four walls and unmatching furniture your parents put together throughout the years. It is the coo coo clock in the hallway that has long stopped working. It is the bedsheets from your childhood shoved away somewhere in the back of the closet. It is the familiar layout and the same annoying, never fixed patio screen door.

For some. For me, I feel like home is a moment in time. Home is many moments in time. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to vividly enjoy the “now” of a home because the moment goes away ever-so-quickly.

Home disappears when people in it disappear. When I walk through my parent’s house and I realize my Mother will never walk through those hallways again I feel absolutely no attachment to the objects scattered around the house. Home was not home because it had the familiar pots and pans my Dad loved to cook in. Home was home because it echoed the laughter of my Dad. When there was no one there that was left, home became an empty, tangible space.

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Majority of adults still wonder “where has the time gone?”

Time is a sneaky bastard. We only notice it passing by when major changes happen. Some of the following people have shared their moments when they realized that time was passing by without them knowing.

Petra, 33- “My husband was watching the show Fargo and he paused it right when the shot was on the blond-haired actress. He said: “Do you recognize her?” I started at the screen for about a minute. “No idea,” I answered. He then pompously proclaimed that it was Kirsten Dunst. And I thought to myself-Wow, she’s gotten old. And she’s my age.”

Melissa, 30- “I got a phone call from daycare saying my baby made his first steps. Just yesterday I had to carry him everwhere and now he is trying to make it places without me. Where has the time gone?”

Phil, 27- “I keep thinking we are still in 2004. I still listen to the same songs, think about the parties I went to back then. And then someone is like- 2004 was 11 years ago dude. And that’s when it hits me. I’m old.”

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