Month: July 2016

The eternal battle of the working mind

Sound of alarm brutally interrupts my dream. “Where am I?” I ask myself. It is 5:35am, my bedroom is semi-dark and my mind is still stuck in a dream about a fish that followed me to a skyscraper. They make no sense. “Good God,” I mumble as I try to shake away the image of the shiny blue fins. I sigh. I reach for the phone to turn off the alarm clock. Silence floats across the room like a gentle breeze. My brain finally tells me that it is a work day and that I have to get up to go to work. Second “Good God” crosses my mind. “Please! I don’t want to get up,” I plead. Maybe work lords will make my wish come true. I close my eyes again. “No!” I have to open my eyes. “You’ll fall asleep otherwise, silly.”

I open my eyes, reluctantly. The room is still dark but I see my dog move. He knows. The moment the alarm goes off he knows it is time to start a new day. I wish I was as keen on life that early in the morning. He wags his tail and jumps on the bed. I pet his soft head and lumber to the bathroom. With my hand, I feel around for the clothing I had put aside the night before. I get dressed and put on my running shoes. The dog is now more awake than ever, stretching in every yoga pose imaginable for his morning walk. I grab my phone, put the collar on the dog and leave the house. The next twenty minutes swing by like a summer breeze, as my body is still too sleepy to process the surroundings around me. At the least the dog is having fun, peeing on everything that sticks out.

We get back and now my body is out of denial mode. Now, the confrontation phase starts. I am confronted with another day of going to work. I have to get ready, I have to get myself to a state where I can function and possibly perform some work today. I put on the kettle to make some tea. I used to drink coffee but I drank so much of it that it obnoxiously stained my teeth so I switched to black tea, another caffeine alternative.

The dog is hungry, following me to every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Alright, alright! I’m going to feed you. I grab his bag and dump some dry food in it. I got to eat too. I grab a bagel and put some cream cheese on it. By put I mean I dip the bagel into the cream cheese container because it is too early to be proper and use cutlery like a human being. The hunger is gone after a couple of minutes, now I have to shower and get dressed. I grab a towel that has that towel smell and should be washed this weekend, if I won’t forget. A headache is starting to kick in. I grab some pills and hope that it will go away. Almost ready for work. I put on some make up because without some color slabbed onto my cheeks people automatically assume I am sick and get greatly concerned. Purse, phone. Food! I forgot to pack lunch. I grab my frozen veggies and meat from the freezer and toss them in a container. I guess this will do. I run out to the car because I am already late. Is Friday here yet?

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