Freshman brings an entire house with him to the dorm

Columbia, SC- Mothers this week everywhere are walking around puffy-eyed and equipped with tissues, as their babies are finally moving out for college. They have swamped the college towns to help their offspring make the big move; many secretly doubt their kids can make it in the cold embrace of a college dorm. Fresh(wo)men, likewise, aren’t sure if they can make it without a pre-stocked fridge either.

Justin, 19, was once one of those kids- seriously doubting his survival skills. “I told my Mom and Dad that these college dorms were not up to the standard of living I am used to. I told them the only way I was going to go to college and live in a dorm was if they replicated everything we have at home. I wanted my own giant fridge, two bikes, microwave, Sonos wireless home theater system (to recreate the home cinema feel for the times I watch movies), a new car (for the ladies), nice comfortable recliner (like the one Dad has), giant plasma TV, PS3 and some other items no one should ever live without. It took a few days, but now my dorm finally looks the same as my room back home […] it’s like I never left.”

While a little worried about the cost of all the amenities, Justin’s parents gladly bought everything that Justin needed for the big move. “His college room is now his new home and if we have to replicate our entire house to make him comfortable, so be it,” said Lydia, Justin’s Mom. “I can’t imagine a life without a microwave or TV, and neither should my baby.”

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