Gosh, how I hate Halloween.

Personally, there’s absolutely nothing exciting about Halloween. Specially if you are a grown-up. I am done dressing up in slutty nurse or naughty school girl costumes and I don’t exactly go door to door to trick-or-treat anymore.

I hate to be scared; the last time I watched a horror movie with creepy clowns, or perhaps devil-obsessed babies I had nightmares for days. The writer in me keeps thinking of these characters and I create even creepier horror stories in my head. So, uh, definitely not fun.

BUT, there is one thing I love about Halloween: candy corn. Most co-workers of mine tend to buy it since it is “season appropriate” but they never eat it. So by the time we are done with Halloween, I am able to take home the leftover piles of candy corn and selfishly eat it by myself at home while browsing the internet. Now that, to me, is the only bright side of Halloween!

The venturesome Friday plottings

Every Friday, on my way to work, I pass the Orlando International Airport and my mind just goes berserk. I start plotting my next escape, my next adventure. I can’t take this anymore. Why am I going to work on this beautiful day?

I park the car at the cheap parking lot- 10 dollars a day? Here’s $30, I’ll be gone for three days. I pay the machine and step inside. I don’t have any luggage, but adventures are always most fun when they are not planned. Do I have my passport with me? I check my purse. What a coincidence- I do. I step up to the counter of the Aer Lingus and demand a ticket to Ireland: “when is your next flight?” I am ready to pay anything.

“The flight total is $1,600, ‘Mam.” Ouch. I can’t afford that. Maybe my next destination won’t be Dublin. I go to Lufthansa. “$1,200 if you want to go to Berlin.” Well, there goes my international flying adventure. The world is not at my reach. It’s the size of my wallet.

I go back to the car and check my wallet. I got five bucks in it. What can five bucks get me- maybe a morning Sausage McMuffin? #fml

I drive away to work, postponing my adventures to a different day. This Friday adventure will be how to survive until 5 o’clock.

P.S: What is your Friday like?

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To Orlandoinians out there….

What is there to do in Orlando besides Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Epcot, Name-your-amusement-park Orlando….?

In my book, Jenna is obsessed with amusement parks and loves Halloween Horror Nights and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She thinks that is all there is to life until she actually goes to Europe and realizes there is more to life than just amusement parks.

I live in Orlando and I get it… it’s “The Theme Park Capital of the World”…. but my God, how many times can you go to Disneyworld? I have guests from Europe coming over and they have absolutely no love for theme parks.

What do you, readers, recommend to see here in Orlando? I always thought it was a pretty dull place. Normally I take people to South Florida so they can enjoy the stereotypical imagery of beaches and snorkeling and gators etc. But by God, I have to find something really good in Orlando! What is it?? Please suggest, comment, advise! I want some originality!!

P.S: Oh and the terrible thing I just realized….I don’t know how a resident of Orlando is called… Orlandoinian?

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Forgive for selfish reasons

She was never a good Mother. Her constant abuse of alcohol lead to abuse of us…abuse of me. She hurt me in so many ways, and I resented her for years. After five years of not talking to her, David convinced me to give her a chance.

I had lunch with her today. I saw her curly white hair and her tired eyes. The story she was telling me was the same as the one I heard the last time… and the time before that…and ten years ago. She is still fighting her demons, and keeps giving me the same promises; same promises of upcoming change and how things will turn around. Today she told me she was proud of me and she can’t wait for me to be proud of her.

I used to believe her, but I don’t anymore… and that doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. I have accepted her and her bullshit stories.

What I want to tell to anyone who has been in a situation like this….if you decide to forgive them for what they have done, don’t do it for them. Do it for yourself- and don’t expect anything back…it may be selfish but it will help you sleep at night. Some people never change and you shouldn’t be the one suffering because of it.


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Incinerated four-leaf clover

Sometimes bad luck lasts a couple of days, but this one has been dragging around for a while. As I was sitting on the couch earlier, contemplating why and how I deserve this bad time in my life (there is nothing wrong with a little self-pity), I suddenly noticed the “Surviving the French Revolution” book.

It was given to me by a friend, and I only opened it once….a while ago….to make a herbarium out of a four-leaf clover. Suddenly it hit me. Perhaps the 1:10,000 chance in finding a four-leaf clover does not bless you with good luck, but perhaps with bad luck too. Did I bring my own misfortune disguised in a leafy green clover?

I had to do something about it. Throwing it away would mean it is still there, just in a different location. Instead, I found a pair of matches in the kitchen cabinet and lit it on fire. It had to be incinerated, only that way it can stop jinxing my life. I hope from now on my bad luck is gone.

Are you guys superstitious? Do you think a clover or a lucky charm truly bring good luck? Am I a little crazy for doing this? Share your thoughts with me  

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The remarkable overly air-conditioned rides

 “It was a remarkable morning; the lake was quiet, the light blue color of the sky was reflecting on the surface of the water and green trees were peacefully resting nearby.”– Jenna Gunner

Jenna Gunner, in my sort of cliché description, lives for the moments by the lake and finds those moments to be remarkable; the sense of peacefulness, tranquility and connectedness with nature astound her.

I, on the other hand, am a little simpler with “remarkable”. When you lead a crazy-busy schedule, you start finding simple things remarkable. I love my long rides in an overly air-conditioned car (Florida heat is terrible, ya’ll). I love them because they bring me peace and serenity (on those instances I avoid rush hour).

The point is, we all have different ideas on what is remarkable. What is worthy of remark in your life? Comment, like and share!

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Weekend is the new vacation

“What about you? How have you been? How long are you staying?” “Same as last year, about two weeks,” I answered.-  Jenna Gunner

As Americans, we don’t often get the short end of the stick… but when I look at my vacations days, I can’t help but feel envious. Damn Europeans. As I hope for maybe two weeks (including weekends!), there is an Italian out there with 42 days of vacation, a Frenchman with 37 days and a German with 35 days…. and I get 13 days? When did we allow this to happen?

Do you know what happens in Europe in the summertime? Companies shut down. People are gone for a month and little work gets done in July and August. But guess what? Everybody comes back happy and rested.  Sadly, for Americans a weekend is a vacation these days, and quite frankly that is horrendously bothersome.

How many vacation days do you get? Do you think Europeans have too much time off?


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Stats on Vacation Days

Nice fat rolls and a kick-ass swimsuit

“I grabbed my swim bag and I locked myself into the bathroom on the first floor to put on a black one-piece bathing suit. I wrapped the biggest towel around me to cover my body. I always wore a one-piece because I didn’t dare to show my belly to anyone, no way in hell.”- Jenna Gunner

It’s hard being Jenna. It’s hard being any other “curvy, fat, shapely, obese, not-skinny, overweight, large, plump…” woman… specially in the summer.

I went to the beach today, and I decided not to be like Jenna. You make the same choice. Wherever you go, don’t feel bad for how you look. Don’t feel bad because you are not a chiseled powerhouse. It’s ok to have fat! I will rock my bikini today….along with my flabby belly. Who’s with me?!!

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Age:32 Real Feel: 65

I don’t know if it is the modern pace of life, or I am just really bad at aging….but I feel exhausted all the time. My mother who is 65 has more energy and willingness to do things than me. And that’s scary!

By the time I come home for dinner, I don’t want to make it. I just want pizza and the couch.

Nobody really tells you once you hit your late 20-ies, all of a sudden you feel tired constantly. It’s an unnerving process and it’s even worse to think what happens after 30…or after 40. Or maybe I am just a special case….but I don’t think I am. Does anyone else feel that way? Any tips on how to not feel tired all the time?

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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