Plain sailing baby-making

Since my Facebook page has been swamped with, no, let me rephrase that….soaked, flooded and overloaded with people who have babies and people who are successfully announcing their pregnancies…. I have to say, looking back on it now, as I kid I thought having a baby was something special. I thought getting pregnant was a special process. It didn’t happen in the back of the car or on the bathroom floor….I guess I thought it was more meaningful than that. And it didn’t happen because two people forgot to use a condom but it happened because they wanted to create a new life. Well, I was quite a naive kid.

It’s bizarre how easily people make babies. People who don’t have their lives together and shouldn’t at all take care of babies, have them in multiples. A little “ooops” there and a “pull out method” here….. and voilĂ ! A brand, new beautiful baby is ready to join us in this world. Isn’t it amazing?

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