To Orlandoinians out there….

What is there to do in Orlando besides Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Epcot, Name-your-amusement-park Orlando….?

In my book, Jenna is obsessed with amusement parks and loves Halloween Horror Nights and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She thinks that is all there is to life until she actually goes to Europe and realizes there is more to life than just amusement parks.

I live in Orlando and I get it… it’s “The Theme Park Capital of the World”…. but my God, how many times can you go to Disneyworld? I have guests from Europe coming over and they have absolutely no love for theme parks.

What do you, readers, recommend to see here in Orlando? I always thought it was a pretty dull place. Normally I take people to South Florida so they can enjoy the stereotypical imagery of beaches and snorkeling and gators etc. But by God, I have to find something really good in Orlando! What is it?? Please suggest, comment, advise! I want some originality!!

P.S: Oh and the terrible thing I just realized….I don’t know how a resident of Orlando is called… Orlandoinian?

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