Every kid is the next Picasso

At the age of 30 something (that’s all you need to know), I have retaken drawing classes determined to learn how to “draw.” And I don’t mean the cookie-cutter classes where you drink wine and paint the same exact thing as the other ten people in the room and your biggest drawing accomplishment is a jejune painting of a dolphin swimming into the sunrise. NO! Real, step-by-step drawing: learning composition, style, foreshortening etc.

Everyone has a story on when they gave up drawing. For most, it’s when you see that one talented kid in class (in my case, Tanya from Russia) who draws anime and nature stills like it is nothing. She was “talented” is what my teacher used to say. Tanya this, Tanya that. Perfect Tanya drawing an elephant 3D. Everyone look at what Tanya drew! TANYA, TANYA!

Needless to say, I am still bitter because of Tanya because she killed drawing for me even though I loved it. I enjoyed it. It was my favorite thing to do. I drew flowers and butterflies and I got lost in the world of colors. But then, the comparison started. Other kids maybe drew a more refined flower. A better looking cow. A more gentle looking ballerina. And then… I started to doubt myself. My sketches did not compare and could not compare to sketched of others, people like Tanya. I stopped drawing and proclaimed myself as talent-less for drawing. I turned it into a joke throughout the years- “I really shouldn’t be drawing, if I draw a cow it looks more like an elephant” stupid type of jokes, belittling my own ability to draw.

Throughout the years I’ve learned how to use computer software to get a desired picture/image etc. But I was never able to draw out my stories. I had the text on the paper, and images in my head. I finally said to myself: enough is enough!

Drawing is all about practice, it’s not about talent. It’s about being tenacious and relentless. Your kid can be the next Picasso. Just don’t let them give up. Because, my dear readers, art is highly subjective (I mean, have you seen any of the weird “modern art?”) Art is being able to express oneself, the form and style we choose is solely our own.

Your child should never give up drawing, because all he/she has to do is to learn proper techniques. In the words of Mark Kistler- like we learn how to write, we can learn how to draw. And that’s absolutely true! Drawing teaches children not only to be creative and imaginative, but that they have to practice to get better and be persistent and passionate about something. And lastly, it can boost their confidence- they are able to create something. How great is that?? So don’t you ever, ever, ever let your child give up drawing! And maybe, you should take a few classes yourself!

Leave comment below, I would like to read about your drawing stories!

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Watching the world burn

I wonder. Is the world really always so close to falling apart or is the availability of the modern communications, internet etc. just a practical tool that allow us to follow its (almost) collapse so closely?

Of course, Greece is the hottest topic this week, at least in my more financially motivated circles. Greeks just said a big f*ck you to poor Angela Merkel who was just trying to get them to start paying more taxes and hire less relatives in government offices.

More bombings in Iraq, self-explosions, abuse of XX (I mean, really, you name something and there is a sick somebody abusing it)…. People starving, suffering, killing each other….And I just wonder? Do we really enjoy nothing more than watch the world burn? Is this brutality just part of nature, but the Western world is so distanced from it that it becomes unexpected? Is nature really meant to be this gruesome?

Because the world nowadays is awfully similar to the one in Game of Thrones. The reason I chose this show is because I am always reluctant to watch it because of its brutality. But, hey, it’s just me being a softie! People are having their heads chopped off in the Middle East (heck, even in the UK), women are being raped and even good ole incest apparently still happens. Constant battle for ruling, for dominance… and for survival?

Of course, you might argue that good stuff happened recently: the U.S. Supreme Court and its ruling of same-sex marriage nationwide. Or the women’s soccer team winning against Japan! And if you read the Humans of New York posts on FB…man, is this world filled with love. That’s all good news. Great news! But when I see the other 90% of the world burn, then I wonder… is the world always supposed to be burning while some good souls are trying to put out the fire?

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