Pinterest Dream Crusher: Making of a Pine Cone Wreath

I’m not sure why I decided to actually try to make something I saw on Pinterest; perhaps I have greater confidence in my skills than I care to acknowledge. I am also a hopeless dreamer living on a budget so making my very own Pine Cone Wreath in only an hour (!), super low budget (!) and with barely any effort (!) sounded like a solid idea.

I fell in love with this wreath– simple, classy and perfect for my door. Despite the fact we live in Florida, we have some pine trees growing in the area and my Mom happens to have a solid amount of pine cones laying in her backyard (which she never frequents due to mosquitoes which eagerly await for any sign of warm blooded creatures).

Armed with Thermacell, a truly great mosquito repellent, I ran to the pine tree and picked up as many cones I could. As you can see below (just some I picked), they are represented in their most raw and realistic form.


Albeit the Pinterest instruction does not say to paint them, I decided I wanted to add some gold-on the color wheel, brown and gold look rather compelling.



The spray painting was actually the only thing that turned out quite nicely but don’t be an idiot like me and wear gloves before you do it and leave them to dry for a couple of hours. Spray paint the ugly ones and keep the nice brown looking ones for the final selection.


Up until this point I felt quite good. I got the pine cones looking better than I thought they would and my inner Martha Stewart was waking up ready to come alive for the wreath assembly.

I read the instructions from Pinterest:

Step 1- Get some pretty pinecones

Step 2- Glue the big cones on the wire wreath

Step 3- Glue the small cones on the wire wreath

Step 4- Admire your wonderful creation.

The realistic steps were more like:

Step 1- Realize the pretty pine cones you picked are too big or too small for such a wreath and the ones used in the picture must have been picked out of a thousand to look that good and fit on the wreath so resort to plan B because this cone wreath ain’t happening.

Step 2- Gluing cones on a tiny wire is simply impossible. I used the same glue gun and the same wire wreath and there is no way in hell they would stick to that.

Step 3-  Resort to panic mode and don’t admit to your partner that a Pinterest wreath is baloney. Get a wire and cut your fingers attaching the cones to the wreath to prove you can in fact finish a Pinterest project!

Step 4- Successfully have no cones fall of the wreath and pray it stays like this until November. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the final product.


Do any of you have similar experience with Pinterest artsy projects? Leave a comment below or prove me wrong and tell me what I did wrong!





What is Christmas with no snow?

As you may or may not know, I live in Florida. Right now, it is 79F outside, sunny and it does not feel like Christmas at all. My inflatable snowman in the front yard looks a little ridiculous surrounded by green palm trees. Same goes for the Santa and the reindeers display since if Santa ever landed by my house his landing would have been really rough, having no snow and all. Or maybe his team is used to a grassy terrain?

So it’s Christmas…. but with no snow it is missing that…. je ne sais quoi. I can’t enjoy a hot beverage by the fireplace since I am already in a tank top and shorts. It is too hot to have the fireplace going. My only snowflakes are the ones I hung up on my tree (DIY for the win, ya’ll!!).

I probably should have gone to a snowy place this year. But money is tight and I don’t like to spend money on what I cannot afford. I am sitting on my couch, reminiscing my days in Europe. Honestly, I am re-reading parts of my book because the way I described Jenna’s snowy days in France are legitimately what takes me back to the days of snowy bliss.

So what is Christmas with no snow? Well, it is weird. It feels like something is missing. You may say Christmas is about Christ. Spending time with your family. For some it is about presents. And it is all that. But there is something even better about going to church on Christmas, marching through the snow, hiding your cold hands tucked deeply into your heavy jacket, breathing heavily into the wool scarf, and snowflakes falling on your head.

***Merry Christmas everyone!!***

Santa Claus and our parent’s lies

I hear loud arguing between Anna and Tim. We were given a recess, but instead a horrible fight broke out and everyone stayed inside. As I came closer, I could hear what the arguing was about. Anna was determined: “I know what I saw. It was my Mom who put the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. Not Santa! That’s because Santa doesn’t exist!” My heart stopped. My belly jolted. “You’re lying,” Tim accused her. “No, I’m not!” she cried. I was in shock. My developing brain was struggling to comprehend what had just been said. How could Santa not be real? I’ve been writing him letters for years! He’s been bringing me gifts each year; with Rudolph leading the way to my house. Why would my parents tell me about Santa if he wasn’t real? Why would my parents lie to me?

To this day I am hurt by the lies my parents told me about Santa. Why does it matter, you ask? It matters because despite the joy it brought me, it also brought me horrible devastation. For a young kid like myself, who spent hours reading and imagining different worlds, the non-existence of Santa was like a slap in my face. I could not believe people I trusted put on a charade, a show for Christmas. They made me write letters… they made me put cookies down for him. They made me believe he was real.

I do not have children of my own just yet, but I still struggle whether or not I should lie to them about Santa too. It gets even more problematic if I tell them from the start that Santa does not exist. Then, other parents will complain that my children ruined Santa for their children.

I don’t know why this lie has to continue. I know children are happy to hear it, but when you realize your parents lied to you and that it was them the whole time…. well, it kind of shows that even those you trusted lied to you. So, on the flip side, is Santa actually supposed to be a life lesson? As in, do not count on those you trust because they are not trustworthy either?

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Snow perfect

“I looked out the window and for the first time in my life I saw snowflakes falling from the sky. I wrapped myself in a blanket and jumped to the window. Everywhere I looked, there was a white layer covering the Earth; ground disappeared, snow covered tree branches with a white coat. Cars were covered in a thick layer of white puffiness. For minutes I stared at the snowflakes and watched them twirl in the wind. Then, I put a coat over pajamas, changed slippers for boots and ran outside. Soft, wet snowflakes landed on my face, melting at the touch of my skin. It felt like rain, only softer. I looked straight in the sky; the air was foggy while dancing snowflakes approached the ground.”Jenna Gunner

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