Watching the world burn

I wonder. Is the world really always so close to falling apart or is the availability of the modern communications, internet etc. just a practical tool that allow us to follow its (almost) collapse so closely?

Of course, Greece is the hottest topic this week, at least in my more financially motivated circles. Greeks just said a big f*ck you to poor Angela Merkel who was just trying to get them to start paying more taxes and hire less relatives in government offices.

More bombings in Iraq, self-explosions, abuse of XX (I mean, really, you name something and there is a sick somebody abusing it)…. People starving, suffering, killing each other….And I just wonder? Do we really enjoy nothing more than watch the world burn? Is this brutality just part of nature, but the Western world is so distanced from it that it becomes unexpected? Is nature really meant to be this gruesome?

Because the world nowadays is awfully similar to the one in Game of Thrones. The reason I chose this show is because I am always reluctant to watch it because of its brutality. But, hey, it’s just me being a softie! People are having their heads chopped off in the Middle East (heck, even in the UK), women are being raped and even good ole incest apparently still happens. Constant battle for ruling, for dominance… and for survival?

Of course, you might argue that good stuff happened recently: the U.S. Supreme Court and its ruling of same-sex marriage nationwide. Or the women’s soccer team winning against Japan! And if you read the Humans of New York posts on FB…man, is this world filled with love. That’s all good news. Great news! But when I see the other 90% of the world burn, then I wonder… is the world always supposed to be burning while some good souls are trying to put out the fire?

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Sparta is back in style

Finally! Skinny people have to take care of their bodies too! We are going back to the Spartan times. The times of fit people sweating together and sculpting their bodies. I mean, we should politely disregard the military-style education program with hazing and fighting.. here, we are talking about the work on their bodies, their ultimate obsession to achieve the bulkiest, chizzled and god-like muscles. Men or women, they were all supposed to strive to be physically fit.

Somewhere between Sparta and Twiggy, skinny people strategically positioned themselves to be adored and admired. I don’t know how we let them get away with it, but we did. And as lucky as they were with their genetically given bodies that have metabolisms on steroids, they were laughing at us as they ate chips and didn’t gain a pound.

But now, a new revolution is happening. It is slow, but it is sure. Skinny people can’t just be skinny. Now they look weak. And jiggly. And not toned. It is great! As a person who struggled with being fat my entire life, it is nice that the trend is moving towards a “healthy lifestyle.” Because just because you are skinny, doesn’t mean you are healthy. I have tons of skinny friends who gobble down cakes and hamburgers and almost lose weight.

It’s a new trend of eating food that fuels your body. A trend of working out hard to sculpt your body. No one can get away with being lazy or having good genes. You have to work for it, and you have to discipline yourself. It’s nice. Because ultimately it is about being healthy, and that’s what matters the most.

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